For sometime now, Bahd Guy Records rapper and actor, Folarin Falana, a.k.a Falz, the bahd guy, and X3M Music songstress, Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye, a.k.a. Simi have been stoking the fire of rumour that there may be something more than casual relationship between them.

Their joint EP ‘Chemistry’ which was released on Thursday have unleashed more speculations about their relationship status, with their fans urging them to take a step to the next level.

Falz and Simi

“They should just marry abeg,” says one comment. “But I think they are both trying to pass a message through ‘Chemistry’ to the world,” another fan said. A Mr Hizzy blatantly put it, “ You guys got the ‘Chemistry’ for real. I wish you guys would just date”. “In fact I thought it was a pre-wedding photo, kudos to you guys,” so says another fan.

And on and on it goes, with many of their fans putting the questions to them and offering the answers.  Falz and Simi first showed they had a musical chemistry when Simi featured Falz on her first hit ‘Jamb Question’. After the success of that, Falz also featured Simi on his much-applauded single ‘Soldier’, sparking off a round of rumour that that there may be more than musical chemistry between the two.

Though the duo has debunked any likelihood of a romance between them but their fans have remained adamant, even to the point of forcing it on them, insiting they look good, and even sound good together.

With ‘Chemistry’ thrown into the mix, some are raising eyebrows that the duo may finally be listening up and doing what has been too obvious or natural all along.

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Scroll down, click next and see the “Pre-Wedding-ish” promo pictures that got social media buzzing.

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